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About Family Foods Market

The happiest times are always when a family reunite and have a nice warm meal together. And seafood, is usually one of the must-haves ingredient on the menu. Our seafood is of the best quality you can find around. We hope our seafood can transform into a variety of delectable dishes, that will guarantee your full satisfaction after only one bite into our seafood collections. Since we source our seafood directly from overseas suppliers and that we do not have a storefront, we can afford to keep our costs minimal so you can enjoy premium collection of seafood at the lowest prices. In the modern era, people are moving towards buying everything online, and if you think about it, we no longer need to run around different seafood markets searching for the best and the most affordable seafood. All we need to do is simply go on the web and shop, then the next day, you get a nicely packed seafood box delivered to your door. It is that convenient! Perfect idea for your own seafood shopping needs. Perfect idea to surprise your family and friends too! Our company's purpose is to make your lives easier, healthier, and happier.

Why us?
Our expertise is the seafood import business. Even though our company is relatively new, we have decades of experience in the seafood industry. We have many great connections with different overseas suppliers from countries such as Japan, Canada, Chile, China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, Norway, Vietnam, Australia, and many more. This allows us to have access to many seafood items outside of Malaysia. We are excited to continue to expand our product range in the future to serve you even better. 

How fresh are our products?
The minute seafood leaves the water, seafood quality cannot be improved, but can only be maintained. Our products are flash frozen at temperatures below 18°C and protected from dehydration by a thin layer of glazing to ensure product that tastes every bit as fresh as the day it left the water. Quality is our best promise to you.

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Company Name : Family Foods Market Sdn. Bhd. (1337147-M)
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Phone : +6019-463 9100

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